Filter Media

Avery Filter Company can furnish you with the widest selection of high quality filter media tailor made for any type of filtration equipment used in liquid/solids separations. Drawing on our 50 years of experience in the field, our experts can provide you with valuable guidance and application-oriented solutions in the correct selection of media for:

· Improved flow rate performance
· Increased filtration effectiveness
· Increased media longevity
· Improved filter cake release
· Reduced filter media costs

Filter Cloths are available in polypropylene, polyester, nylon, cotton and various other synthetics. With sewn center or corner sleeves, or impermeable rubber necks, filter press cloths can be edge treated with neoprene or latex materials to virtually eliminate leakage.

Filter Papers for the plate and frame filter presses, and all other types of filters such as Sparkler, Niagara, Star, Mefiag, etc., are custom cut and punched to fit your equipment. Avery Filter Company supplies over 75 grades of specialty cellulose filter papers.

With our experience and knowledge of the various filtration processes, we are well qualified to discuss your filtration applications. Avery Filter Company can help you through the difficult decision-making process in recommending one style of filtering media for your process from the many possibilities to choose from.

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