Avery Filter Company provides good used pressure leaf and horizontal plate filters for clarification applications. These are available in many different configurations and materials of construction.

Pressure leaf filters consist of either a vertical or horizontal tank with a number of vertically mounted filter leaves. The filter leaves filter on both sides therefore a large filtration area can be obtained in a relatively small vessel. Filters can be provided for either a sluice or dry cake discharge.

Pressure plate filters, such as the Niagara Batch-Miser filter or the Sparkler, fitted with a scavenger plate, are designed for filtration of relatively small batches without leaving a heel. The filters consist of a vertical tank and contain a number of horizontally placed filter plates. The plates are covered with filter paper and/or filter cloth. The liquid is pumped into the filter through a feed inlet and is evenly distributed over the plates building up the filter cake.  For cleaning the entire stack of plates is removed from the filter. 

Filters are typically supplied with 60 psi working pressure and vessel jacketing can be provided as required for the application. Filters can be supplied in various types of steel, typically either carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel or Hastalloy.

Avery Filter Company supplies precut cellulose filter paper and filter cloth for use on all pressure filters. With over one hundred styles to choose from, we can assist you in the selection of the appropriate filter media for your filtration by drawing upon our vast application experience.

Following is a partial listing of used pressure leaf & plate filters available. Avery Filter has quite an extensive inventory of used filters, so if you do not see what you are looking for, contact Avery Filter Company at info@averyfilter.com with your specific requirements.

Avery Filter Listing | Rebuilt & Used Pressure Leaf & Plate Filters

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